How to Take Care of Your Wig?

The sequence is very important.

  1. About smoothing:
  • Squeeze a drop of hair care cream as big as a bean and spread evenly in palms.
  • Use hands to paint cream on wigs by scratching it from top to the end and getting the hair through your fingers.
  • Notice that you should not make the hair into a bundle when you paint cream.


  1. About curling:
  • Make sure that your wig is heat-resistant.
  • Before you curl it, paint hair care cream or essential oil ahead.
  • According to the degree of your wig’s curls, choose a right size of curling iron.
  • Pick a wisp of the surface and hold the curler in a vertical way. Wrap the hair around the curler, and wait 5-8 seconds.
  • After curling, give the curled wisp a little time to fully form and do not pull it very soon.
  • Notice that you should not pick two adjacent wisps at a time.
  • A tip: the direction you wrap the hair is all to the middle. When you curl the right part of wig, it’s counterclockwise. When you curl the left part, it’s clockwise.

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