Help me to choose which human hair wig is most suit for me

  Look at this video, i am wearing three different human hair wigs. Here are the three wigs: 1. 16 inches 4*4 lace frontal bob ross wigs; 2. 26 inches 13*4 lace straight with bangs human hair wigs; 3.22 inches 4*4 ombre body wave wigs.

  For myself, the one i prefer is the first one. Cause after wear it, more young, more stylish for me. How do you think?

  The second human hair wig is straight wig with bangs, i am admit that, more charming, more sexy. Suit for officers. 

  I think that third one is also be like for most beauty. 

  Help me to choose which human hair wigs most suit for me. i need get new one for my vacation!💃

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