#ootd# Theive a Little Time From the Weekday

#ootd# Theive a Little Time From the Weekday


The middle time of the weekday has come. Maria is wondering what to wear in next two days. Today she picks her favourite one upart wig human hair as a perfect ornament, lace front body wave wig.


Check this picture, we can know this is her most precious time to have a rest alone in the whole day. The sunshine touched her face as well as her beautiful wig. The hair’s natural curls are like the waves in the sea, sparkling like the surface of seawater soaked in the sunlight. 


Maria is confident of this 13x4 lace frontal wig, because it fits her light brown skin very perfectly. Moreover, she wears a leather coat, which makes her believes that she can be outstanding in the crowd depending on this set. Our human hair wigs near you, just subscribe us for more surprise! BTW, we have different length of this wig, such as: 10 inch body wave wig, 12 inch body wave wig, 14 inch body wave wig, 16 inch body wave wig, 18-30 inch body wave wig. 

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