Glamore Gives You a Surprise

Glamore Gives You a Surprise

Do you expect any surprises in this new year?



Until this first month of 2022, a totally new year again, Glamore selection give you more human hair/lace front wigs choices/ synthetic hair/ make-up tools, such as curly wigs, body wave wigs, deep wave, straight wigs, bob wigs etc. The temperature still doesn't rise and cold wind continues blowing, however those seeds for the next spring might be coming to themselves. Your can feel it just as your own hopes for a surprise inside. We also believe that this new year will usher in endless verve and vitality for our brand website. So, we want to share so many discounts to celebrate the surprise bred in the offing.

Here are several ones we have prepared:

1.Non-subscription users will get a 10% discount on their first order.

2.Non-subscription users can get a special $10 promo code for important festivals.

3.All users can get a straightener if they pay an order of human hair.

4.All users get $5 back for commenting with a picture.

5.All users can join the club for a total 1 year, and then they can get the exclusive gift package (worth 99 dollars) for free if their orders on the our website exceed 999 dollars within 1 year.

6.If old users recommend new users to place an order on our website, new ones will immediately get a reduce of the order by 15 DOLLARS, and old ones will get a discount promo code of 15 dollars at the same time.

 Dear all lovely beauty, pls choose the lace front wigs/human hair you love, if you have some doubt, pls do not hesitate to contact us. 🥳

In this beautiful winter, it's been a pleasure traveling with you.💃


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